Fujitrax Assembly Process Management System

The Fujitrax system was designed to assist you in managing the level of productivity for your Fuji production lines. Features include machine / parts / feeder administration, changeover support and full PCB traceability and scheduling.


Fujitrax Verifier

- Ensures correct components are loaded on the correct feeders

- Provides for easy off-line setup in High-Mix, Low-Volume environments

- Hand-held wireless device for early notification of part outages

- Reduce opportunities for human error, increasing overall quality

- Print barcode labels for part reels & inventory management


Fujitrax Profiler

- Full component and PCB traceability

- Satisfy Industry's regulatory requirements with full traceability

- Match reference designators on a serialized product to the part number/ vendor / lot

- Data mining tools included to assist in determining root cause of quality concerns