VPDplus Part Data Creation and Confirmation System

The VPDplus system provides you with the ability to create or edit your odd-form part data files off-line. Utilizing this method eliminates the need to measure or input the leaded componet information, thus reducing the time to create new part data files.
This system can also assist in troubleshooting your existing part data descriptions by acquiring vision data directly from the machine (available on NXT and AIMEX machines). This allows you to pinpoint the problem immediately and minimize machine downtime.


Automatic Data Generation

Generate troublesome leads or bumps by simply selecting a part model. The system will automatically create the array of leads/bumps for you, from the image of the part that was acquired from the VPDplus.

Vision Testing

Using the same optical configurations as the machine, part data integrity is compared off-line with acquired part images. This helps to reduce the chance of data integrity errors at the machine.

Error Reduction

Minor variations between part lots can lead to troublesome vision processing errors. Images can now be downloaded from the machine to assist with quick data corrections.