Fuji Flexa Flexible Assembly Software

Our flexible solution integrates seamlessly with your production environment and boosts productivity with wizard and macro-based automation.



Fast and Simple creation of Product Programs

- Includes automatic data converters for more than 20+ formats of CAD data, including GERBER.

- Verify program data offline before sending it to the production line

- Seamless Integration with your ERP System or Third-Party systems

Optimize your Production Changeover

With Flexa, you can minimize your changeovers by balancing across a family of products resulting in a common feeder setup. The goal of the system is to minimize either your Changeover Time or Total Production Time, depending on your particular needs. This can be accomplished utilizing our Multi-job Line Balancer option! Contact your sales representative for additional details.


Real Time Factory Monitoring

Production status of any line is freely displayed, as well as line overview and detailed device information - in real time on any PC!

Includes E-mail alerts which can notify you of certain conditions or thresholds you set within the software!

Flexible Data Sharing

Fuji has created a "Host Interface" that allows our customers or 3rd party software vendors to easily gain access to the data within Flexa.

Fuji has also interfaced with several ERP systems to share work order instructions or component reel inventory counts. Contact your local sales account representative for additional details. .